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This is a free service to Marcia Road landlords and people looking for houses to rent. Email your notice details to Steve: . For letting agents there is a £150 fee per property.

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Question from a student on learning that an advertised house had been let:
I’m sad to hear that as we’d have really liked to live on Marcia Road. Could you please give us a few tips for looking for properties on the road, best agents to deal with, or if any landlords are letting?

You will find agents via internet search. However, I think that the landlords who use them tend to be looking for higher-paying, non-student tenants, and rents tend to be higher to cover their fees. Landlords who actively want students tend to use the University of London housing system, Gumtree, and, of course, this site. If I were you, I’d keep checking those places because you never know when something might pop up. For example, a landlord may think that he or she has found new tenants but gets a bad reference from a previous landlord, and, quite late, the property may become available again. You could also try asking for a place to share on the SE1 forum.

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