Renting and Letting

As so many of the houses in Marcia Road are let, this page focuses on information for tenants and landlords.

There is a separate page for people who are thinking of buying property in Marcia Road to let.

Landlords like tenants who…

  • pay their rent on time, i.e. the day it is due, not a day or two after. Your landlord is not your bank!
  • attend to minor problems (like a door sticking, or the waste disposal not working) themselves. The Questions and Answers on this site will help you decide whether you can do something or whether you need to call the landlord
  • alert them to problems which need to be dealt with as soon as they arise. Minor leaks, for example, so that they can be fixed as quickly as possible and are not allowed to cause further damage
  • are good neighbours and who realise that restrictive conditions in their tenancy agreement may be there owing to the landlord’s legal obligations, not whim

Tenants like landlords who…

  • realise that not all tenants are able to do even the simplest of maintenance tasks
  • respond quickly to problems
  • do not treat deposits as an additional source of income

If you have more points to add to either list above, send them here.