Essential Addresses

Here are quick-reference links to organisations you may find useful if living in Marcia Road.

Southwark Council: Contact details on this web page for
– Council tax
– Rubbish (refuse) collection and recycling
– Street cleaning
– ‘One stop shop’ for advice

TV Licensing: Keep on the right side of the TV licensing ‘police’. See also comments on the Moving In page.

Water: Tap water is supplied in London by Thames Water.

Gas and Electricity: You have a choice of providers. For trustworthy and up-to-date advice see the MoneySavingExpert site before you do anything about switching.

Police: Walworth police station is the nearest. You can phone on 0300 123 1212 or see this web page for details of all local police stations. Only dial the Emergency Services 999 number if a crime is taking place and you are in immediate danger. Other information about laws and law enforcement in the UK (like, how to report a stolen passport) can be found on this police FAQ website.