What can we do with old furniture when moving out?

If you have your own furniture (i.e. not your landlord’s!) that is usable but you want to get rid of it, there are several options:

  1. Donate it to the Heart Foundation shop on the corner with Old Kent Road.
  2. Sell it – or give it away – via the Gumtree website on which you can advertise for free. (Also a good place to find free or cheap furniture. Buyer usually collects.)
  3. Offer it to the Furniture Aid South Thames (FAST) charity that will collect it and pass it on – but they do charge you for collection – think of it as a donation.
  4. If it is not suitable to give away, the council has a Bulky Items Collection Service, for which they charge.

DO NOT just leave it out in the street!

For disposal of other goods, the Southwark Council waste and recycling web pages are a mine of information.