MarciaRoad.com is owned by landlord and ex-resident, Steve Hards

site ownerI have put together this site as a place from which I can pass on a lot of my hard-earned knowledge. However, I hope that other people will add to the site so that we can all benefit.

This will save us all time because it will reduce the learning curve involved in living in this pleasant and interesting street.

Marcia Road looks special, and is special. The street was a completely re-built between 1999 and 2002, and the houses have some features, such as the heating system, with which many people (including many plumbers!) are not familiar.

But it is not just the houses that make Marcia Road special, the people are too. A large proportion of residents are students and ex-students from all over the world and with a huge range of knowledge, skills and interests. If the rest of the people in Marcia Road are as clever and diverse as my tenants, it could be a powerful community.

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