If you are a tenant or owner on Marcia Road* (or thinking of becoming one) this website will save you time, money and frustration! Read about…

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* The road was named after Marcia Rolls, the mother of Charles Rolls, founder of the Rolls-Royce car company. The family owned the land here when the first houses were built. Neighbouring Hendre Road was named after the family’s estate in Wales. ‘Marcia’ is pronounced ‘Marce-ia’ not ‘Marsh-a’, which is an American pronunciation.


FOR OWNERS:  Owing to the sensitive nature of this information it cannot be put on the site. Please email site owner Steve regarding this.

FOR OCCUPANTS: Houses have been broken into via unlatched ground and first floor windows. Thieves tend to target computers in particular. Apart from making sure you have contents insurance, it is wise to back up important work regularly to somewhere from where you can recover it. And, if you have a lock on your room door, use it when you go out.