How do I adjust a hand wash basin pop-up?


The pop-up plug in a hand wash basin doesn’t move if you try to move the metal lever rod at the plug. (It may be completely loose or it may be jammed.)

What you can do

  1. Look under the handbasin and locate the part of the rod that comes down from the tap.
  2. Find where it crosses a similar rod at an angle.
  3. Where they cross there should be a piece of metal, like a hinge, with holes in it for the rods to go through.
  4. This ‘hinge’ is held in place by a screw. It may be loose. Guess where the rods should cross and tighten the screw.
  5. Try the pop-up lever by the tap. If it is not moving easily, move the ‘hinge’ slightly.
  6. If the hinge is missing altogether, or one of the rods has snapped, get a replacement at a plumbers’ merchant.

Extra tips

The long rod going downwards normally has a gentle bend. Occasionally you may need to adjust this.