A door sticks and is difficult to open


A wooden doors sticks when you try to open or close it.

Likely cause

The wood of the door frame has swollen slightly, rubbing against the frame.

What you can do

  1. Identify the place where the door is rubbing the frame. You may see marks. Run a piece of paper down the gap to confirm the tight point if necessary.
  2. First, try rubbing soap into the place where it is sticking. For a small problem this may be enough to stop it sticking.
  3. If 2 doesn’t work, buy a sheet or two of glasspaper (also called sandpaper) at a hardware shop. You will need rough, not fine, sheets.
  4. Open the door and rub it where it sticks with the rough paper. Close the door from time to time until it closes without sticking.

Extra tips

It is better to rub the door with the glasspaper, rather than the frame. The glasspaper will leave marks on the frame, but you won’t see them on the door.

If this doesn’t work

Someone will need to use tools to reduce the wood on the door. This may involve taking the door off of its hinges.